Leadership Team

CEO | Chairman of the Board

Mr. Bianco has been a highly successful entrepreneur for more than 40 years.

After graduating from Yale Law School and teaching law for several years, Mr. Bianco founded British Performance Cars, Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Lotus Marque, which was eventually sold to General Motors.

Subsequently, he formed Alliance Entertainment Corp., which was listed on the NYSE and was then the largest independent distributor of recorded music in the world. Alliance, which was eventually sold to a private equity fund, was the product of a "roll-up" of over a dozen smaller companies.

Mr. Bianco has been the Chief Executive Officer of Whyte Lyon & Company, Inc. since 1984. Mr. Bianco also currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Oak Tree Education, and is also a Director and the Chairman of SkinScience Labs, Inc. and Experiential Teaching Online, Inc. (XTOL), which develops college and graduate-level online courseware.


Todd Denkin is a natural as CEO and President of Digipath, Inc. His career has been defined by foresight––the ability to spot and take advantage of emerging market trends and navigate new and struggling companies into lucrative markets.

In 2009, Todd identified a trend in grow-your-own hydroponic systems and co-founded the self-contained hydroponic system leader Phototron Holdings, helping take the company public and serving as its president.

He also founded 10 Mile Farms, a hydroponic vegetable growing system dedicated to sprouting locally-grown organic produce in communities across the country.

Chief Science Officer

As Chief Science Officer at Digipath Labs, Cindy Orser, PhD, is responsible for the initial development and rollout of the company’s industry-leading standardized botanical nutraceutical testing facilities.

Dr. Orser draws from over 20 years of experience innovating for academia and private industry.

She was the liaison between her company, Big Sky Biosystems Inc., and regulatory compliance agencies such as the FDA, CDC and ARC.

Her responsibilities have included conceptualizing and managing key projects, lab benchmarking, fundraising and budgeting, staffing, managing personnel, identifying outside collaborators and directing subcontractors.


Chief Financial Officer

Todd Peterson, CPA has been the chief financial officer of Digipath since June 8, 2015.

Mr. Peterson had previously been the president of KSNE2 Enterprises, LLC, an accounting and consulting firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in publicly traded microcap companies, since August 2008.

From February 2007 to August 2008, he was the senior accounting manager of Accuity Financial, an accounting firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in publicly traded microcap companies, Mr. Peterson was the audit manager of DeJoya Griffith and Company a PCAOB registered audit firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada providing audit and accounting services primarily to publicly traded microcap companies from November 2004 to February 2007, he was the audit manager of Ocel, Heimer & Associates, Ltd., a regional audit firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1999 to 2004.