Digipath Labs’ Mission

Digipath Labs’ mission is to provide pharmaceutical-grade analysis and testing to the cannabis industry to ensure consumers and patients know exactly what is in the cannabis they ingest and to help maximize the quality of its client’s products through research, development, and standardization.


Laboratory testing is one of the vital platform technologies in the cannabis marketplace and must become standardized, consistent, and robust in order to maintain the long term health of the cannabis industry. From its inception, Digipath Labs’ mission has been to facilitate an industry-wide mandate that medical cannabis adhere to the same standards as other food and drug markets. A diverse array of assays and state-of-the-art, FDA-compliant lab equipment enables the Company to accurately test cannabis in accordance with Good Lab Practices.

Over 60k Samples Tested

Digipath Labs began earning substantive revenue in October 2015 and has been growing quarter after quarter ever since. As of July 2018, we have tested more than 60,000 cannabis product samples, from many of the 115 growers and 81 producers licensed by the State of Nevada.

Emerald Badge Awards

The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing labs. It brings to the cannabis industry a well-established standard for testing in the environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water, and petrochemical testing industries. Through the participation of labs around the world, the ILC/PT helps establish an industry benchmark for cannabis testing.

State regulatory agencies use proficiency testing (PT) programs for laboratory licensure and compliance to promote accurate testing for cannabis quality and safety. Digipath Labs has received all of the above Emerald Badges.

Digipath Labs – Laboratory Testing

Digipath Labs screens medicinal cannabis for its quality, potency, and cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, as well as potentially harmful contaminants, including:

  • Microbial contaminants (incl E. coli, salmonella, Aspergillus, and fungi)
  • Biological toxins (such as mycotoxins, aflatoxins, and ocratoxins)
  • Heavy metals (incl mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium)
  • Residual solvents (for non-CO2 extracts)
  • Total aerobic bacteria count
  • Gram negative bacteria
  • Mold and yeast
  • Pesticides

Recognizing that the legal cannabis industry’s youthfulness has resulted in a lack of structure and oversight. Digipath Labs developed its lab testing solutions and technology to create structure and process and, in the end, ensure maximum cannabis safety through education, testing, certification and data acquisition.

Digipath Labs Certification

The Company offers comprehensive medical cannabis safety screening and an independent certification system, including the “Digipath Labs Certified” certification seal.

Certification seals are made available to those clients whose products have undergone all of Digipath tests (as applicable), unless the sample in question does not meet local regulatory standards.

Digipath Certified Seals ensure that Digipath has tested the product in question, and influence consumer buying decisions by clearly marking which brands are invested in the products that provide, valuing safety, effectiveness, and overall quality.

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