Digipath Inc. CEO Todd Denkin was recently interviewed on Stock Day by Everett Jolly.

Digipath Inc. CEO Todd Denkin Stock Day Podcast Interview

Digipath Inc. CEO Todd Denkin was recently interviewed by Everett Jolly on the Stock Day Podcast to discuss what has been happening with Digipath Inc. and it’s subsidiaries. He discusses the move to Colombia and its potential for Digipath Labs and GroSciences. Colombia is expected to control a great deal of the global cannabis export

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Digipath Inc 17025 accreditation as an iso lab has earned us the right to protect the public consumers.

Lab Cannabis Testing is Steering the Future of the Industry

Table of Contents Lab Analytical Compliance The Non-standardized Naming Convention of Strains Categorizing Cultivars by Terpenoid Profile A Comparison to the Wine Story Analytical Cluster Data on Cultivar Terpenoid Profiles Isolates   Five years in and over 24,000 samples later, the future of the cannabis industry is clearer to us at Digipath Inc. From our

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Being the owners of Digipath Labs, the top cannabis lab testing company in Las Vegas, has enabled Digipath Inc. to stay one step ahead in the cannabis industry.

Always Staying One Step Ahead in the Cannabis Industry

Even with all of the doors opened by cannabis law reform, the industry’s financial growth and its newly found public acceptance still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. To give the industry its due, the cannabis sector and all of its ancillary companies are some of the fastest growing

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