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Digipath’s Chief Science Officer Explains Company’s New Field Test.

Digipath Seeking Patent Protection While Answering DEA Request for Proposal.

(LAS VEGAS, NV, April 17, 2019 ) – Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), is pleased to provide an opportunity to hear more about the Company’s ground breaking new field test for cannabis, hemp and CBD samples via an interview with Chief Science Officer Cindy Orser.

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Dr. Orser, PhD and Dr. Philippe Henry, PhD are the drving forces behind the development of the field test which has been created to provide relief and clarity for an array of uses where the type of cannabis product must be quickly and accurately determined using a portable methodology. GroSciences, Inc., Digipath’s wholly owned subsidiary is seeking a provisional patent for the field test and will be packaging and validating over the next several weeks.

High Times recently reported an instance where a fully-compliant hemp shipment was wrongfully seized due to a failure to properly identify the cargo. The DEA is now looking for a field test to avoid such problems. “The field test kit must provide specificity to distinguish between hemp and marijuana. It must be portable and rugged enough to be used in non-laboratory environments or ambient conditions,” the notice from the DEA reads.

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Digipath, Inc. supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing, data acquisition, formulations for terpene based products, and brings unbiased cannabis news coverage to the cannabis industry.

Digipath Announces Plans to Expand Cannabis Testing Internationally

The head of Colombia’s National Narcotics Fund that oversees legal narcotics states that the massive market will be well-regulated. The very same laws that will allow for Colombia’s medical marijuana renaissance also call for rigorous testing. Enter Digipath Labs, a leading independent testing laboratory and data firm focused on the developing international cannabis market. Digipath has proven its analytical process in the Nevada cannabis marketplace where state approved analytical labs are required to test all cannabis products.

As the massive Colombian market opens up and expands, Digipath is positioned to be the first testing company approved to service both growers consumers and exporting cannabis products to other countries around the world. Digipath will ensure quality, safety, and accountability in Colombia as they have in the United States. The same best practices for testing cannabis, hemp, CBD products, and more will be offered in Colombia, by Digipath Labs.

Digipath’s ISO:17025:2017 certified and proprietary testing model is absolutely replicable by the company, allowing it to quickly penetrate and scale in burgeoning Colombia. Already, Digipath has identified a Bogata location to establish its first laboratory and has strong relationships with the government officials who will oversee the country’s cannabis renaissance.

Digipath, Inc. (DIGP), a service oriented independent testing laboratory, data acquisition and media firm focused on the developing cannabis and hemp markets, is pleased to announce its plans to expand internationally. Colombia is the first foreign market in which Digipath plans to provide cannabis testing for both local consumers and cannabis exporters. Colombia is projected to be a significant cannabis exporter due to its climate and low cost of production and all cannabis products will need to be tested for potency and safety prior to export to any other country.

Digipath Labs Opening 3 Onsite Hemp Lab Testing Facilities for Hemp, Inc.

Digipath Labs is proud to announce it will be setting up hemp lab testing facilities on Hemp Inc. properties in North Carolina, Oregon and Arizona to facilitate potency testing of their hemp. These hemp lab testing facilities will be able to test hemp for any local hemp growers along with Hemp Inc’s grows. We will be bringing cannabis industry best standards to these regions with our proprietary ISO-17025:2017 accredited standard operating procedures and testing protocols. We will oversee the build-out of all three hemp lab testing facilities. but Hemp Inc. is providing the space for the labs at no cost to Digipath Inc.

Once the three facilities are completed, they will be wholly owned and operated by Digipath. We will be in charge of purchasing and maintaining all testing equipment, hiring and training of lab employees and full management of each facility. After working for years in the Las Vegas marijuana lab testing space, Digipath is fully equipped to handle hemp potency testing across the country. With expert leadership in cannabis lab testing by professionals like Dr. Cindy Orser, we are excited to be expanding our operations all the way over to the east coast now.

Along with these new hemp potency lab testing facilities in Oregon, Arizona and North Carolina in conjunction with Hemp Inc., Digipath Labs is expanding independently to California, in Humboldt County, and internationally to Colombia.  We are excited about our rapid progression and the future of the ever expanding legal cannabis industry here in the United States and abroad.