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Digipath, Inc., (DIGP) is a publicly traded independent cannabis-testing firm and cannabis data analytics company that supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing, data acquisition, and analysis.

The Company is uniquely positioned at the intersection of two major cannabis opportunities. First, the Company’s primary business model is to provide the requisite testing in states like Nevada where vast amounts of legal cannabis, hemp, and CBD are being sold.

Digipath is well established as a leading provider of these required services and thus participates directly in the growth and expansion of the legal cannabis market. Moreover, its proprietary testing methodology is highly replicable as new market opportunities in other geographical areas emerge. The success in the Nevada market is both proof of concept and a template.

Additionally, Digipath has positioned itself as a provider of robust, actionable Big Data for the cannabis industry. Because of its unique vantage point at the intersection of product and technology, each day examining, testing, understanding what cannabis does and how it does it. Digipath is acquiring, perfecting, and articulating enormously potent data sets that can be used for everything from creating better harvests and yields to effectuating recipes and saving growers money while ensuring the very best product delivery.   

In this way, Digipath is a highly specialized firm that has created two very compelling business opportunities in one of the most dynamic, rapidly expanding industries in recent memory.

Since 2014, Digipath Inc. has professionally processed over 15,000 cannabis product samples from over 100 growers and 50 producers licensed in the state of Nevada

Digipath Inc.’s FDA-compliant laboratory equipment and proprietary SOP’s guarantees product safety and efficacy based on Good Lab Practices and ISO 17025 Standards

Through its flagship cannabis testing facility in Las Vegas, Digipath has generated large amounts of analytical data that holds the key for future cannabis products.

Provide pharmaceutical-grade analysis and testing to the cannabis industry so producers know exactly what they are making and to ensure customers know what they are ingesting.

Help maximize the quality of its client’s products through research, development, collaboration and standardization that address consumer needs and concerns.

Facilitate an industry-wide mandate that medical and recreational cannabis products adhere to the same standards as other food and drug markets.


Led by a team of industry veterans that have managed to grow the business into one of the premier testing facilities within the state of Nevada.


Very few companies in the United States or perhaps the world have managed to amass a proprietary chemotyping database as valuable as Digipath.


Established an exceptional track record through its commitment to business practices and high standards of lab operations.


Digipath deeply understands the operational and financial requirements to run labs in different states and countries throughout the world.

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