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Illicit drug or all-natural medicine?

TNM News Corp. has pioneered the nation’s first and only unbiased marijuana news network that provides news, interviews and education on all things cannabis.

TNM News produces original content for its popular website, syndicated radio program, and mobile app to deliver breaking news, informative interviews and compelling education. The TNM News team explores the political, economic, medicinal, scientific, and cultural dimensions of cannabis with politicians, business people, patients, caregivers, and industry leaders.

In May 2014, the Company established an online radio program called The National Marijuana News. TNMNews educates the public regarding the political, economic, medicinal, scientific, and cultural dimensions of the rapidly evolving and controversial medicinal and recreational marijuana industry from diverse and dissenting perspectives with news and interviews. The Company intends to expand its already strong web presence as to become the premier destination for news and information on everything marijuana.

TNMNews is a weekly one-hour Internet and terrestrial radio news and talk show featuring reporting of the burgeoning marijuana industry. Although leaning more towards a medicinal use platform, the show seeks to foster thought-provoking discussion of both the medicinal and recreational markets.

The Company launched TNMNews’ Internet radio program on Live 365 in 2014, and its popularity has continued to grow. Over the 2015 fiscal year, streaming of the program grew from 120,000 to over 190,000 streams per month. TNMNews is also available on terrestrial radio in six cities around the U.S. The Company also launched its application for both iOS and Google Play and re-launched its website, which now receives over 200,000 page visits per month. TNMNews Facebook page has also garnered over 137,000 page likes and TNMNews has become a leader in cannabis news, interviews, and education. TNMNews still broadcasts digitally at and at


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